• I offer lessons/coaching based on correct fundamentals and equitation together with an emphasis on techniques that promote a solid partnership between horse and rider. We cross-train in the dressage arena (Western and traditional), the ranch trail course, outside trail rides and work in the round pen or small arena as needed. My prices are intentionally kept low to allow people to have more access to the education process. From time to time we haul to local shows, group rides and other activities. I am happy to mentor riders who want to show as well as those who prefer recreational riding. When a rider makes the decision to specialize in a discipline and wants to move on to the more serious ranks of the show world, I am happy to help them locate a trainer appropriate for their goals.

  • Boarding is offered on a limited, as-available basis. We encourage riders to haul in for lessons/coaching and occasionally offer group lessons and clinics.

  • From time to time I have horses for sale. Rancho Indulto also accepts consignment horses, and I am available to assist in locating horses for sale that fit buyers' criteria. It is my goal to match riders with the right horse. I encourage buyers to vet check horses prior to purchase and strongly lobby prospective owners to buy horses that are appropriate for their skills. I am very knowledgeable of Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse pedigrees, and I am well-versed in understanding catalog-style pedigrees and can advise purchasers on what constitutes a "well-bred" horse of any breed. Additionally, I am able to analyze conformation both of mature horses and young stock and can assist you in the purchase of a quality horse.

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